letting go

On Letting Go

“Attachment is the root of sorrow”- the Buddha

“Freedom’s just another word for nothin’ left to lose”- Kris Kristofferson

“It’s not much of a tail but I’m rather attached to it.” Winnie-the-Poo

I’ve actually let go of a lot of stuff in my lifetime. Sold it, broke it, lost it, watched it walk away. I should be as free as a bird by now, because, as pop wisdom would have it, letting go and eliminating attachments is the sure path to purification, or at least some kind of happiness.

letting goAnother truism is that it’s better to have never had anything than to have had it all and lost it. But I wonder, ¬†does the pauper suffer less because he’s never spent a night at The Four Seasons or ridden in a limo? I doubt it, and besides, according to the Buddha and Kristofferson, the pauper shouldn’t be suffering at all, being so detached and all. Continue reading

Strange Brew

I haven’t written here much since that murder on the beach, an assassination of a young life guard, that I wrote about several months ago. The “holidays”, that special time of joy and wonderment that I find increasingly depressing as years roll by, robbed me of some inspiration, but more than that, I’m trying to get my head around some of the changes here that seem to flow from that horrific incident. Has this place changed or have I changed, and does it make any difference? As the man said, better to see a single place through a thousand pairs of eyes than to see a thousand places through a single pair of eyes. Continue reading

Stacy Taylor

Radio maverick, writer, escape artist

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