McCain and Graham: Bigots

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A-Hole of the Week: Senator John Cornyn!

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Excuse me, Sarge, Are You Gay?

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The Senate voted  Saturday to end the Clinton-era military policy known as “don’t-ask-don’t-tell”. Doesn’t seem that long ago, does it, when ol’ Bubba introduced  his quaint little wishy-washy idea in the first  month of his presidency, managing to enrage the rednecks while still disappointing gays. The policy simply meant that the military could no longer ask potential recruits  their sexual orientation. But to be fair, Clinton at least attempted to end the military discrimination against gay soldiers, as half-assed as his reform turned out to be. Keep in mind, a lot of mainstream Dems, like Sam Nunn, chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, were dead set against the policy. One major problem with D.A.D.T. was that took an act of congress to repeal the policy, which, at least technically,  explains Barrack Obama’s refusal to eliminate it in the first 2 years of his presidency. What explain his decision to force the Justice Department earlier this year to vigorously fight its repeal is anybody’s guess.

In Saturday’s vote, the usual suspects in the Republican Party , led by shit-for-brains John McCain, fought against the law’s repeal. McCain referred to the the vote as  “a very sad day” for America, reinforcing his support amongst bigots and the sexually conflicted. Come on, Maverick, even Dick Cheney supported the law’s repeal, for christ’s sake. And there was also the usual outcry by bible-thumpers and jesus freaks about the imposition of a “radical social agenda” in the Armed Services. But at the end of the sad day, the policy was officially voted down. Too bad it took 16 years, a long time to stay in the closet for gay soldiers and sailors.

Dec. 17th Webcast: Game, Set, Match!

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Where the Real Money’s Going

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Dec. 15th Webcast: Grab Your Muskets, It’s Class Warfare!

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A class war is being waged, it’s true. It’s the rich versus the rest of us. And guess who’s winning….

A webcast in 2 parts:



Chicks with Balls

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As you know, Republicans are tough guys….even the woman. They shoot animals for kicks and like to pretend that they’re still riding the range in their F-350′s,  out there on the great American frontier. Gals like Palin, she would have you believe, are just as handy at skinning bear as they are stuffing a turkey. Remember when Sharron Angle ( R. Las Vaguest)  told Harry Reid to “Man up!” during a senatorial debate in Nevada this fall? If not, here it is:

And we’ve always known that Repug men have cojones. Remember when Dick Cheney talked about the adults taking back over the White House after the 2000 election, and then set out to prove it by loading up his best friend’s face with buckshot a few years later? Now that’s a man’s man! And check out George W. Bush with a sock stuck in the crotch of his flight suit during the “Mission Accomplished” moment:

So, then, what do you make of this?

That’s, of course, newly minted Speaker of the House, John Boehner showing his feminine side to Leslie Stahl on “60 Minutes” Sunday night. In fact, Boehner cried throughout the entire interview, often for no discernable reason. Was he trying to get laid? And what would the Palin’s and the Angle’s and the rest of the testosterone-fueled broads on the right have to say if this was Reid or Obama or or some other prominent Dem balling his eyes out on national TV? Man up? Grow a pair?

I personally have no problem with Boehner’s weepiness. In fact, I would expect nothing less. Afterall, a man who has turned his back on the working class folks back there in Ohio…. who doesn’t even flinch when another American loses his job, his health care, even his home….is probably dealing with some serious guilt issues. Get some help, Boehner, before it’s too late.

December 13 Webcast: Capitulation!

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A webcast in two parts:



Over Stimulated

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***Breaking NEWS***Breaking NEWS: House Dems rejects tax cut deal:

Here, from a recent Shawn Hannity program, is all the confirmation libs need to see red over the tax-cuts-for-the-fithy-rich deal:

HANNITY: All right. Amidst all the controversy on Capitol Hill surrounding the extension of the Bush tax cuts, one thing is crystal clear. This deal marks a major defeat for the anointed one who let political gamesmanship get the best of him.

Well, now he’s backtracking on one of his central campaign promises. But apparently that’s not how he sees it.

Yup. As I mentioned on my Dec. 8th webcast, Senator John Cornyn (R. Pricksville) couldn’t wait to kick the prez on his way down. It was the GOP’s gains in the midterm election, not some ideological shift, that caused Obama’s flip-flop:

“President Obama’s decision yesterday to join with Republicans in opposing the largest tax increase in American history was made not because he had a sudden change in political or economic philosophy.”

And why, exactly, are progs and libs especially pissed off over this deal? According to the Washington Post’s Ezra Klein , $133 billion is being spent to give the tax breaks to only 4.8 million of the nation’s wealthiest families, while $214 billion is being spent on tax cuts for the other 150 million middle class families. You do the math. And, of course, the s0-called 99 weekers, the long term unemployed, got squat from this deal.

But here’s the good news: not since Obama’s run for the White House, has the Democratic Party based been so aroused, so over stimulated you might even say. It’s not just the poor and dispossesed that are turning on the President; it’s also main stream Dem pols like Sherrod Brown and Harry Reid, and MSM commentators like Ed Schultz and Keith Olbermann. This is the most testosterone the liberal establishment has shown since they kicked Robert Bork to the curb 25 years ago.

Too bad the President isn’t on board. At least yet.


Sarah Palin’s War on Christmas

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Sarah Palin fulfilled her deepest wish the other night on TLC’s “Sarah Palin’s Alaska”: killing a reindeer on TV. Since Palin babbles incessantly about how wimpy and squeamish we all are down here in the “lower 48″, she probably wasn’t expecting the backlash  from hunters and righties. And I have to wonder, was that deer tethered? Why didn’t it trot off after the first 5 shots Sarah peeled off?

And the theatrics didn’t end there! Palin hovered over the animal’s warm body and quoted her ideological hero:  “In the words of Ted Nugent, we thank that mighty animal for living a good life and now sustaining a nice family.”  After the hunt has ended she was asked “are you feeling better now?” To which Palin responds, “I feel a lot better now.”  At least one of us did. Here’s Sarah’s snuff film in all its glory: