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Jesus, not having this website as a channel to vent for the past several months has been excruciating. A “friend”, Chris Carmichael, was administering and hosting this site for the past couple of years, but one day it just disappeared. Gone from the web, gone period. I had been blogging, mostly about politics, here for the past 7 years and had written hundreds of posts. Thanks to the actions, or inaction, of Mr. Carmichael, (who operates a “gee whiz”, jock-sniffing radio fan site) it is all lost forever. I never received an explanation nor an apology, despite numerous emails and phone calls. The sad thing is that had built up some pretty good momentum with thousands of “hits” per week and a steady group of contributors. To say I am royally pissed over this is a gross understatement.

But, alas, we have relaunched this site, along with the fledgling, as of last week. Sandiegotalks is very much a work in progress and I ask you to be patient while I get it up to speed. I do welcome your comments on both sites. Here, I will jump in with both feet as there is so much ass-holery taking place in our midst that it can no longer be ignored. I’ll begin in earnest later on today with posts about health care reform, the “tea party” movement, and the sorry state of today’s media. Thanks all for your support.