Chicks with Balls

As you know, Republicans are tough guys….even the woman. They shoot animals for kicks and like to pretend that they’re still riding the range in their F-350’s,  out there on the great American frontier. Gals like Palin, she would have you believe, are just as handy at skinning bear as they are stuffing a turkey. Remember when Sharron Angle ( R. Las Vaguest)  told Harry Reid to “Man up!” during a senatorial debate in Nevada this fall? If not, here it is:

And we’ve always known that Repug men have cojones. Remember when Dick Cheney talked about the adults taking back over the White House after the 2000 election, and then set out to prove it by loading up his best friend’s face with buckshot a few years later? Now that’s a man’s man! And check out George W. Bush with a sock stuck in the crotch of his flight suit during the “Mission Accomplished” moment:

So, then, what do you make of this?

That’s, of course, newly minted Speaker of the House, John Boehner showing his feminine side to Leslie Stahl on “60 Minutes” Sunday night. In fact, Boehner cried throughout the entire interview, often for no discernable reason. Was he trying to get laid? And what would the Palin’s and the Angle’s and the rest of the testosterone-fueled broads on the right have to say if this was Reid or Obama or or some other prominent Dem balling his eyes out on national TV? Man up? Grow a pair?

I personally have no problem with Boehner’s weepiness. In fact, I would expect nothing less. Afterall, a man who has turned his back on the working class folks back there in Ohio…. who doesn’t even flinch when another American loses his job, his health care, even his home….is probably dealing with some serious guilt issues. Get some help, Boehner, before it’s too late.

12 thoughts on “Chicks with Balls”

  1. You know it is strange that a substitute teacher is telling an ex-boxer to man up. Harry Reid may talk soft, but he’s not exactly a pussy. I hope my wife doesn’t read this, but the only time men cry is to get out of trouble.

  2. Look on the bright side.. what they Repugs lack in “manliness” they more than make up for it with their intelligence! Meh!

  3. Thanks for reminding me about why I have sworn off almost all (I said almost all) politics.

    Sarah Palin has some kind of horror show on A&E now – a freak show. The Republicans want her to run for POTUS in 2012. Reality star for president. I’d rather have Billy The Exterminator.

    The Democrats have no spines and the Republicans have imaginary testicles… There’s a biology lesson in there someplace.

  4. I don’t know if you have me blocked or not. “‘man up’ is what they say when they want you to do something stupid or irrational. When we were in high school, the word was “chicken”. I believe the chicken is a very fierce ,brave amimal. I would not want to be in a fight with one. This is how they get short guys to join the marines.

  5. no, you’re not blocked. The first “post” you make to this website I have to approve. All other posts will go through automatically if I approve the 1st one.