We Can’t Handle the Truth

The U.K. has finally released the long-threatened Chilcot report, the results of a lengthy investigation into decision-making blunders in the build-up to the murderous invasion of Iraq. The report excoriates  Prime Minister Tony Blair for his blind faith in George W. Bush’s criminally negligent miscalculations and lies concerning WMD’s, and Iraq’s role in global terrorism, […]

Move Over Christmas, There’s a War on Thanksgiving

Attentive citizens probably don’t need to be reminded that about 50% of Americans would love to have an American theocracy every bit as retrictive of individual liberties as in those hated Middle Eastern countries. The reason they can’t quite pull it off is because 1) The Constitution inconveniently gets in the way, and 2) the religious nuts are just too silly to be […]

Hollow Ground

As DrinkingwithBob so artfully put it, are you freakin’ kiddin’ me?! This guy speaks for me. Two freakin’ mosques already near “ground zero” and another one on the way?! What the freak, you freakin’ freak-wads: this is Hallowed Ground, like Arlington National Cemetery, like Gettysburg, like the set of “American Chopper”! Just take a look, […]