The Depression Blog: Chapter 5 “Talk Show Confessional”

With the election just a couple days away, instead of dwelling on the rat bastards who have run the economy into the ground, I thought I’d write about the rat bastards who have run politics into the ground. The  highlight of the “Real Time” episode with Bill Maher Friday night was Maher’s undeniable assertion that most […]

Hollow Ground

As DrinkingwithBob so artfully put it, are you freakin’ kiddin’ me?! This guy speaks for me. Two freakin’ mosques already near “ground zero” and another one on the way?! What the freak, you freakin’ freak-wads: this is Hallowed Ground, like Arlington National Cemetery, like Gettysburg, like the set of “American Chopper”! Just take a look, […]