Hollow Ground

As DrinkingwithBob so artfully put it, are you freakin’ kiddin’ me?! This guy speaks for me. Two freakin’ mosques already near “ground zero” and another one on the way?! What the freak, you freakin’ freak-wads: this is Hallowed Ground, like Arlington National Cemetery, like Gettysburg, like the set of “American Chopper”! Just take a look, […]

Vanishing Point

A decade ago, there was much hue and cry about the vanishing middle class. Jobs were being “out-sourced” to overseas slave labor markets, illegal immigration was forcing wages and salaries down, old line “smoke stack” industries were crumbling under the weight of foreign competition, and technology was replacing manpower. The rich were getting richer, and the […]

High-Tech Lynching

That’s Ag Secretary Tommy Vilsack explaining the forced resignation of low-level department civil servant Shirley Sherrod, over “racially explosive” remarks she made recently about hating honkies and refusing to help them, especially honky farmers, especially one specific honky farmer whom she failed to recently help, when he desperately needed it. Except, of course, none of […]


Finally got around this weekend to reading the “inflammatory” Rolling Stone article on General Stanley McChrystal, the “hit piece” authored by embedded reporter Michael Hastings. Clearly, I should have read the article the moment R.S. arrived in my mail box, but I spent 3 days periodically staring at the air brushed cover photo of Lady Gaga’s […]

‘Zonies Vow To Free Up San Diego Freeways

 Word is that Arizona tourists are so pissed at our city council’s vote denouncing Arizona’s new immigration law that they’re boycotting San Diego as a tourist destination this summer, and the local Convention and Visitors Bureau is quaking in its collective sock-less loafers.  San Diego Union-Tribune columnist Michael Stetz, in Sunday’s edition, fearlessly engaged and interviewed, […]