Apocalypse Now, Damn It!

I haven’t been shy about criticizing Obama and congressional Dem’s on their trembling,  tepid, and timorous approach to governing from a majority position. You can liken them to the kid who, against all odds, finally makes the varsity baseball team, lucks into a starting position, than stands in the field all day secretly hoping that nobody hits the ball in his direction. I realize that dealing from a position of weakness in the health care reform debate has more to do with obstreperous “Blue Dog” Democrats than it does with paranoiac Repugs (these jokers wouldn’t have voted for health care reform if the bill had contained a provision putting the head of Kaiser Permanente on the U.S. Supreme Court). So as I watched the proverbial sausage factory slowly crank out the final product, my initial reaction was: typical Dems, winning the battle, losing the war.

But, holy shit, even I couldn’t possibly have imagined to what a ridiculous extent the Republicans and their pea-brained media mouthpieces would over-play their hand! From shouting “the N-word” at respected congressional civil rights pioneers, to death threats  against reform proponents, to referring to the President as “Buckwheat”, the recent paroxysmsof the conservative movement have exposed it for the soul-less, racist, paranoid, and anti-intellectual movement it really is. And congressional Republicans, eager to seize upon the free-floating anger of the tea baggers, have managed to yoke themselves to a runaway shit wagon. This ridiculous sideshow was intended to be the “Waterloo” of the Obama presidency , but if the Dems play their cards right, instead should drive the Republican party into a hole so deep and dark that even David Duke couldn’t find his ass with both hands.

The lesson seems to be this: timidity beats stupidity, even if barely. That poor kid standing in center field with his glove on the wrong hand doesn’t have to worry about the ball hit in his direction as long as the guy in the batter’s box has a white hood pulled down over his eyes.

2 thoughts on “Apocalypse Now, Damn It!”

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