4 thoughts on “Why Are We So Stupid?”

  1. great job, Stacy…. I was thinking how the media totally over reacted to this…. the media is one reason why we are so stupid- the other is that our society does not value, children, teachers, education.

  2. We drone people all the time and who tells their story? Anybody who even gets close to speaking truth gets the shaft! Bradly Manning, Julian Assage, that guy who bought the land at the auction, Stacy Taylor! It’s good hearing you in good form! The Americas need your voice Bro’. Check out Thom Hartman, Amy Goodman, Jeremy Scahill…You guys at Air America turned the tide and you can be sure that THEY won’t let it happen again! I teach elementary school (17 years, 16 years in the USN too) and what gets allowed as public education shows why people can’t think…kids need to read…alot! and then they must be questioned to such an extent that they realize that reading is power and whoever questions is the true holder of authority! The future is in our kids and WE need to take back our education system so that our people can read, think and question so this BS does not happen again…SO HOLD THE LINE BRO! GOD BLESS! Ricardo