9 thoughts on “An Obscenity Laced Tirade of No Redeeming Value Featuring Scooter on Skype”

  1. Great stuff Stacy,

    I love Scot’s rants. He saw a comment from a right wing high school classmate of mine from Iowa on FB and the two of them got into a very entertaining “debate.” The string went on for days; it was great reading.

  2. Scooter!!! Seventy-two and sunny in Poway!

    Great to hear you again. (You too, Stacy!) Saturdays just haven’t been the same without you, bro. Don’t be a stranger from now on, OK?

    Make it personal.

  3. The TV and radio media has really gotten weird since Air America got removed. Progressive media really made a difference from 2002-2008. Since Obama won, the “Free Market” has really made sure that we know who really is in charge of the public airwaves. Even Olberman is expendable and there is nothing that can be done about it. “They” will never let it happen again. Free Speech TV and Link TV are very good but only “Leftist Elites” like me watch them. Democracy Now had Francis Fox Piven on and she didn’t even know she was targeted by Beck!

  4. Yeah, it’s required to point out Olbermann’s “resignation” from MSNBC, apparently having to do with a command structure shake-up at G.E. According to former MSNBCer, David Schuster, NBC News division will now have a bigger role in programming. If your idea of incisive commentary is the tapioca pudding of David Gregory or Tom Brokaw, get ready for Schultz, Maddow, et al, to have their wings severely clipped.

  5. Arg, I know you were wrapping it up, but it cut off unexpectedly at the end. Oh well, still a great podcast. And not really that profane.

  6. I’ll work out the production quirks. Was thinking about having a music bed under each webcast. wadya think?