5 thoughts on “America: Where You Are Free to be as Deranged and Paranoid as You Want”

  1. Great to hear your voice, Stacy. Love your strong opinions and the way you express them. Only problem is the show was way too short!

  2. Great podcast Stacy…..The greatest scam ever pulled on the American people, is the hijacking of the second ammendment by the NRA.. Up until the 80’s it was generally accepted that the 2nd ammendment applied to controlled militias….Then the NRA led a concerted effort to shape the perception of the 2nd ammendment along with a conservative supreme court ruling, to what it is today…..Everybody has a right to carry a bazooka if they want……..

    If SAndy Hook didn’t change your mind, nothing will I guess……

  3. America: Where we are “free” to barely scrape by at next to slave wages with no time of our own. But hey…we are FREE god damnit ’cause we got us some guns!!!