4 thoughts on “Podcast: With Scot Tempesta Part Two: Politics is a Circus”

  1. These two piece of shit left wing hacks are just as bad doing garage radio. Head up their ass and clueless to the facts. Some things never change.

  2. What a gutless prick. Afraid to use your own name, shithead, have to go by somebody else’s? Grow a pair.

  3. Stacy and scooter are the best real long form old school ala the late great jean schepard. p.s. the comment listed above as from Mikey from ramona is not from Mikey its from Gabe get a life you troll I have Not lived in ramona in years .

  4. Very cool podcast Bros’ Have you checked out Maron on IFC? He is a “Air America Vet” also that has a show based on his podcast-…keep stirring it up, get it boiling! What is your take on the Filner issue? San Diego “democats” are the same as conservatives. Look what happened to Aguirre…