5 thoughts on “Stacy Taylor/Scot Tempesta Podcast, 4-11-14: Spring Cleaning Part 1”

  1. This was a wonderful trip down memory lane. I miss you guys. Too bad radio in the US sucks…and even if it didn’t I get the feeling you wouldn’t be interested. Keep em’ coming!

  2. refreshing to hear … all the talk radio and TV pundits are just a massive smoke screen … while everyone is distracted by missing planes, violence and mass shootings, the kardashians, civil rights and related mass incendiary news items….all the rightwing power really cares about is hands off Wall St and unchecked covert and overt military and intel operations while more wealth is sucked out of the lowest 90% and flows like a gusher to the top … and isn’t this the redistribution of wealth to the top? check out the report below … it describes what the right power really cares about …everything else is marginal…. folo the $$$$$


  3. Thank You guys for expressing all my feelings about the state of journalism and media in America today. I do not watch the local TV News, for obvious reasons. I also attempted to pay for the online version of the UT, but when they increased my subscription price from the .99 for online access to $13.99/mo I canceled again! Why Don’t they not understand that I do not need that much recyclerable material? Looking forward to Stacy Taylor/Scott Tempesta PODCAST 2!!!! Yeah, Listen & Post on stacytaylor.com! =)