3 thoughts on “Stacy Taylor/Scot Tempesta Podcast, 4-11-14: Spring Cleaning Part II”

  1. I followed Stacy Taylor when he was employed by KOGO Radio600, the most conservative Republican station in San Diego and did the Republican agenda, but I always liked his style and followed him until he got out of the dark side and came over to a couple of radio stations in LSD and KGO! Love You Stacy! (Read my comment @ student sports in PODCAST!) And BTW, FU Re: STEM Vs Athletes. ;P Oh No! You did not SAY that! This is kinda having a Party Line (Stacy knows @ that) Thanks for letting me listen! 😉 NOOO on athlethes! Let me know why colleges should be able sell your kids!!! =O What fun! Wish I had a video Podcast!

  2. Loved the podcast!! Agree with you both on the vast wasteland of choices both in print and on the Internet — and of course, I cannot find anything worth listening to on the radio. Your podcast just kept me wishing for the good old days, driving home from work at 5:00, stuck in traffic on the 8, but you two always made the ride home so much more enjoyable. Would love to hear more.