The Depression Blog: Chapter 5 “Talk Show Confessional”

With the election just a couple days away, instead of dwelling on the rat bastards who have run the economy into the ground, I thought I’d write about the rat bastards who have run politics into the ground.

The  highlight of the “Real Time” episode with Bill Maher Friday night was Maher’s undeniable assertion that most of the belligerent, know-nothing assholes who are dominating modern politics belong to the Republican party, a position greeted with derision by his 2 right wing panalists, the laughable airhead Margaret Hoover and  odious National Review blogger Reiham Salam. Hoover attempted to laugh off the comments while Salam went positively apoplectic, contorting his face into a demonic scrunch while babbling about fairness. At one point, Salam looked as if he wanted to slug the affable Lawrence O’Donnel for agreeing with Maher, thus proving the point.

But the show will likely be remember for 2 things: actor Zach Galifianacis smoking a joint on live television and Maher’s “controversial” commentsbased on the fact that “Mohammed” is the most popular baby name in Great Britain, that Muslims are taking over the world.

“Am I a racist to feel alarmed by that?” Maher asks his guests. “Because I am. And it’s not because of the race, it’s because of the religion. I don’t have to apologize, do I, for not wanting the Western world to be taken over by Islam in 300 years?”

Pundit Juan Williams, of course, was fired from NPR last week for similar comments, mainly because about the only thing wimpier than Juan Williams is NPR. But I’m guessing Maher’s job is safe because his long time antipathy towards religion is a known commodity and HBO is not NPR. But at least for the moment, Maher is getting kicked around by the hanky-wringers in the blogosphere for his comments and Maher’s lib credentials may have taken a hit.

But will Maher apologize? Doubtful. He’s got a week to prepare for another show and plenty of future oppurtunities to burnish his street cred.

But let’s compare the Maher’s “incident” with some other recent assholery. How about the beer-gutted Timothy Profitt  stomping the head of a protester prior to a Rand Paul-Jack Conway senatorial debate in Lexington, Kentucky? Profitt certainly wasn’t apologetic and, in fact, requested an apology from his female victim (a position echoed by lard bucket Rush Limbaugh).

“I don’t think it’s that big of a deal,” Profitt said. “I would like for her to apologize to me to be honest with you.”

Of course, right wingers never apologize for their lies, thuggery or bigotry; they revel in in. Take Meg Whitman (please). After her California governorship candidacy was damaged by revelations that she had employed an illegal immigrant for nearly a decade, what was Whitman’s response? Typically, she tried to lie her way out of the situation and then, ultimately, went on Fox News to say that her former housekeeper should be deported. Yes, that Meg Whitman is tough on illegal immigration.

But it’s also beginning to sink in that the likes of Paul, Marco Rubio, Joe Miller, Sharron Angle, Jim Demint, and Carl Paladino are likely to be holding the reigns of power for the forseeable future, propelled into office by a motley gang of intolerant and uninformed teabaggers. And there’s plenty of blame to go around. That Democrats have lost the support of both women and the poor demonstrates the result of timid politics and diminished expectations.

Maher shouldn’t have to sweat the Muslim comments for too long. He’ll be able to draw yucks from plenty of soft targets for the next couple of years. But the laughs will come harder for the rest of us.


7 thoughts on “The Depression Blog: Chapter 5 “Talk Show Confessional””

  1. We are just short of showing the world what “Low Information Voters” are. These are people that like bumper sticker thoughts. Rand Paul and his thugs show us a picture of the level of that low information.
    What do they mean when they want something “Constitutional?” They do not want it to be as Alexander Hamilton, George Washington, John Marshall, Joseph Story and Henry Clay saw it and that meanst that they hate the Constitution as it has been viewed for over 200 years, not just since the New Deal. Those men saw the Constitution as written in broad general terms and giving Congress the power to make whatever law is necessary to accomplish those broad general purposes.
    Washington and Hamilton, being commissioned by Congress to provide an economic study regarding manufacturing, provided The Report on Manufacturerers by Hamilton. More than that when Washington saw the necessity of a national bank it was John Marshall who stated that although the Constituton does not have the words for national bank in it, it does have General Welfare and if Congress sees the necessity of creating a national bank for General Welfare it has the plenary power to do so. I am not quoting but doing a short form. Joseph Story also concurred likewise and then along came Henry Clay to push the principles, (INcluding the principle of protectionism by tariffs) provided by the Report on Manufacturers.
    A low information voter lead to want to go back to rule by the King’s/foreign corporations believe that those people had to be wrong, even as James Madison commissioned the second National Bank to provide for the necessary tools of trade from sea to shining sea.
    Here is where those with poop for brains like Alito fail in their understanding or desire for understanding. Our Constitution is a living constituiton and they are simply ignorant in desiring it to be different.


  2. Pathetic that the same persons who bought at the top of the real estate bubble in Las Vegas are the same nimkumpuks that may elect the most laugh-able candidate of all time Sharon Angle. Sure they are hoppin mad at Harry Reed, but face it .. USA employment and job security have been heading south for the last decade. Like Bill Maher says, “Show me one tea party-er tear up their medicare or SS card.” You can’t change stupid….

  3. “odious National Review blogger Reiham Salam”–boy you got that right. He just would not shut up. Why did Maher not cut in on Salam and allow Lawrence O’Donnell to finish a sentence? Salam talked over everybody and was so annoying.

  4. I like Maher, except for two things. One, he still calls himself a moderate, when he should proudly call proclaim his liberalism. And two, when it comes to religion (or rather, his staunch atheism) he’s not just cocksure, but smugly cocksure. I like Maher; I dislike smugness.

  5. The dip shit, National Review blogger Reiham Salam, on the panel that stated that the Humboldt county growers were funding the NO on 19 is full of CHT!!!

    The F$$$KING Mexican mafia Drug lords is funding the NO on 19 yea the assholes we are at war with are funding NO on 19.

    Or just maybe National Review blogger Reiham Salam was speaking for the Mexican mafia Drug lords.

    Stupid me?
    hit on

  6. The stupidity of the american electorate has shown up , Again, Being mad at somthing that isn’t the problem is one thing, but acting without the correct info. is criminal and not only they suffer but they drag us into their small world view. Folks, after suffering through 8 years of bush and the fumbling two years of obama, I recognise my folly of being optomistic about anything was really a waste of my time and yours. Only joyous thing was watching George and big daddy H stagger out onto the T.R. diamond was harrowing, sorry we didn’t have the pleasure of seeing them both teeter over and having to be carried out on a stretcher. HOLY SHIT, I JUST REALIZED, NO MORE POLITICAL ADDS, for ABOUT A DAY or so.