The Election is Rigged

The U.S. voter in the presidential election of 2016 is fucked.

How we got to this pathetic juncture, ostensibly choosing between one or the other of the most detested presidential candidates in electoral history, is pretty straightforward. The United States, despite the trite and continuous rallying cries of American exceptionalism, is a stupid and uninformed country.

That’s why, in the days after 9-11, the most memorable signs of U.S. patriotic solidarity were  massive American flags flying from the roofs of gas-guzzling SUV’s, and Country & Western singers drawling childish, bellicose ditties about “shock and awe”, and kicking Muslim ass.

That’s why the cretinous George W. Bush could  tell Americans that the most patriotic act they could perform was to go shopping, while, like a political pickpocket, he was simultaneously cracking down on civil liberties at home and lying this country into a tragic war in Iraq.

And few of us back then gave a shit. “Let’s nuke the sand niggers!” was the rallying cry of the American mob, which then had the audacity to whine about energy independence while driving trucks that got 8 miles-per-gallon.

Bush was the proverbial one-eyed man in the kingdom of the blind, just slightly smarter than his demented supporters, skillfully manipulating with fear a paranoid public that was already softened up for warrant-less wiretaps, NSA anal probes, and jingoistic and chauvinistic political rhetoric. In what other environment could a smug prick like Dick Cheney, a certified war criminal that should have been hauled before the Hague a decade ago,  enrich himself financially on the blood of American soldiers and the destruction of Iraqi civilization?

Those who stood up to these atrocities were marginalized as traitors and cowards.

And then we gave a negro the keys to the kingdom and the whole thing began to seriously unravel.

This is the toxic environment that spawned such idiocies as The Tea Party movement, open-carry fanaticism, birtherism,  the so-called “sovereign movement”, and a palpable intolerance for anybody or anything strange or foreign. Ironically, while tea baggers and their freshly-minted enablers in Congress were whining about marginal tax rates and Obama’s birth certificate, the American middle class was being gutted by a cabal of sleazy investment bankers and Wall Street charlatans that, to this day, have not been held accountable for the rape of the American economy. But when the Occupy Wall Street folks mustered up the gumption to stand up to the insanity, the lies, and the thievery, they too were marginalized as losers, un-American free-loaders who couldn’t or wouldn’t  find suitable employment.

And let’s not downplay the media’s role in all of this, wallowing as it does in the raw sewage of “pussy gate”, Hillary’s trail of murdered interlopers, Anthony Weiner’s cock shots,  Bill Clinton’s “serial rapes”, and that’s to say nothing  about its daily bread-and-butter programming: the sheer monotony and banality of traipsing out campaign “surrogates” to argue incessantly over shit that only political insiders care about. All the while, exalted commentators speak the nonsensical journalistic argot of the moment, rattling on about “optics”, “pivots”, “narratives”, “outliers”, and “paths to victory”.

And that’s the so-called “mainstream media”. No small wonder that millions of Americans are turning to imbecilic “alt” news sources like Breitbart,  Prison Planet and Info Wars, websites operated by sweaty, drug-impaired paranoiacs like Alex Jones and Matt Drudge who just make shit up and get away with it.

So is it really all that surprising,  in the national election of 2016, that we are left with a nearly untenable choice between a globalist, Wall Street insider, a self-styled heir to American political “royalty”, running against an intellectually challenged, minority-hating ignoramus who is willing to say or do anything to get into the White House?

Take America back? Too late. We are too fat, stupid, and lazy for anything more strenuous than regurgitating somebody else’s ridiculous talking points and watching sports on TV.

We have only ourselves to blame for this mess because we looked the other way for way too long as we whistled through the graveyard.