Yank the Leash

When Keith Olbermann departed MSNBC most of the behind-the-scenes chatter concerned that fact that, with Keith out of the way,  the NBC News Division would assume greater control of the networks content, ratcheting back on aggressive tone of the remaining hosts, and restore a sense of “balance”.

Apparently the first victim of this new,  prissy approach to programming will be Ed Schultz, who was trotted out Wednesday evening in a video taped apology for calling conservative media whore Laura Ingraham a “right wing slut”.  Schultz’s apology was excruciatingly sincere and his body language suggested  a repentant 12-stepper (see video below) , but nevertheless MSNBC elected to pull Big Eddie from the air for an “indefinite period of time” (despite the fact that his comments appeared on his syndicated radio show, not MSNBC).

I suspect this is the last we’ll see of Schultz. His muscular, rough-and-tumble populist style was never a particularly good fit at MSNBC, alongside smoother  hosts like  the self-righteous Lawrence O’Donnell and glib Rachel Maddow, and it was clear that Schultz never got the tone-it-down memo following the Gabriella Giffords shootings. Too bad really because what the lefties really need right now are more in-your-face commentators like Schultz.

But the real story here, in my opinion, is that progressives and dems (or at least their mouth pieces) just don’t seem to have the stomach to stand up to the righty blowhards like Ingraham. Keep in mind, Ingraham has made a name for herself  by smarmy attacks on her enemies’  looks, appearance, and style:

And, ironically, Ingraham once referred to Nancy Pelosi as a prostitute  who would sell her own body to pass health care reform legislation. Add all this to the constant, below-the-belt ad hominem attacks from douche bags like Rush Limbaugh and Glen Beck and you’ll see a pretty stacked deck in favor the right-wing noise machine.

Too bad for Schultz and too bad for MSNBC. The network apparently forgot President Obama’s admonition to never bring a knife to a gun fight.

10 thoughts on “Yank the Leash”

  1. This was a voluntary leave. He’ll be back on MSNBC. He gets fairly decent ratings for the slot he’s in. There’s no way they would replace him. What would they do? Re-run Hardball? Hire back Dan Abrams? The only reason they fired Imus from his morning show is because they didn’t need his kind of minunderstood commentary if they weren’t gonna get a share.

  2. I like Ed on the radio- on TV-not so much. He will be back on June 6.
    As far as the comment goes- the word “slut” is a sexist, misogynistic comment. Yes, the other side is disgusting in their comments but why should we stoop to their levels.
    Ed should have known better- and when I heard his apology- it was sincere and I am sure he has learned something from all this.
    Ed is better than this- and besides, he needs a vacation (too bad he won’t get p aid for it)

  3. I have zero sympathy for Ingraham, a mindless, nasty partisan. Was Schultz’s comment nice? No. But Ingraham is a big girl; if she can dish it out, she’d best be able to take it.

  4. I’m repeating myself over-and-over that the center-to-left has higher standards than to insult scum like Ingraham on the basis of gender because she has countless other flaws which make her a blight on the national discourse.

    I guess it’s a sign that I need to get away from the computer.

  5. That was a very sincere apology. The next time I hear such an apology from a conservative host will be the first time.

  6. Stacy thank you for updating your blog again.

    Ingraham is following the MAnn Coulter formula of hate and I think it shoved Ed over the edge.

  7. well folks, I hear a tone of (we’re better than them) anthology, what a crock of shit. why is it those among us have this attitude of turning the other cheek and a couple of hail marys to only be stomped into a cowering, sniveling,bunck of( Good Guys) with no spine to confront those who wish to do the average joe a world of pain

  8. Knifemaster, you sound angry and threatening. So will you use your spine to attacks those who don’t think the same way you do? And, how did you become an expert on the crocks you talk about?