This is…I Mean, Was…Very Funny!!

If you clicked play on the above youtube video, you saw ample demonstration on just to what extent the “tea party movement” is comprised of a bunch of humorless geezers.  The original parody ad (which you’ll actually be able to view below) shows an actress portraying a Crayola crayon executive thanking tea partiers for a surge in sales, thanks to all of the stupid little handwritten signs they parade around at their rallies. A sketch comedy group called The Full Ginsberg was responsible for the satire.

But in a not-so-funny turn of events, a conservative  blog, aptly named iOwnthe threatened Crayola’s parent company, Hallmark, with a boycott if the ad was not immediately pulled from youtube. Hallmark, cowering from the realization that thousands of 60-year-old cranks would no longer be purchasing their crayons on the regular basis, issued the cease-and-desist order to youtube and the video disappeared.

Here is one of the letters recieved by iOwnthe sent by Crayola:

“Thank you for your email.
We appreciate you expressing your concern that Crayola may have been involved in the making of a parody-type video clip about recent political activities. The video depicts a spokeswoman acting as the CEO of Crayola, the Crayola logo and products, as well as both verbal and visual messages that were not authorized by Crayola.

Crayola was not involved in the making of this video, nor did we in any way authorize the use of our brand name, the Crayola logo or the products shown. We are currently investigating the video, and will take the necessary steps to ensure our consumers are aware that we were not involved in the making of this video.

We appreciate your contact and hope we have restored your confidence in the Crayola brand. If additional assistance is needed, you may reach us by telephone at (800) 272-9652 weekdays between 9 AM and 4 PM Eastern Time or e-mail by visiting


Consumer Affairs Lead Representative

But having the insulting parody was not quite enough for the humorless crybabies at iOwnthe World, who demanded a stiffer penalty, damn it!

“But as I said, having the video pulled from YouTube is not enough. These filmmakers tainted the Crayola name. I’m not so sure I feel the same about Crayola anymore. A have a Pavlovian response to Crayola; I hear Crayola and I feel as if I’m being hated and my beliefs besmirched and my way of life ridiculed. I don’t think I can bring myself to buy a Crayola product anymore, or a Hallmark card – unless of course I hear that they are suing these filmmakers. Only then will I be fully confident that they never had anything to do with this, and they are serious about restoring their good name.”

Well, if drawing Hitler mustaches on photos of Barack Obama really is your “way of life”, then, brother, yes, you are being ridiculed, and rightfully so.

Here, at least for the time being, is the parody ad in its full glory:

3 thoughts on “This is…I Mean, Was…Very Funny!!”

  1. Classic American Corp. response, they always follow the money.. Not only lost sales from grandma buying crayons for their grandbaby’s but also all those Hallmark greeting cards. What’s a CEO to do?

    I would have missed out if not for you, loved the clip Stacy..

  2. I guess this is just tit for tat. If we can boycott advertisers of Glenn Beck, they can threaten to boycott Hallmark. But, it is just a parody and not their parody.

  3. You know what..I will call every tea company and tell them my grandma and all of England will boycott tea for being involved in the Tea Parties it has nothing to do with.