The Last Refuge of the Scoundrel

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m coming late to the California primary wars, but even I couldn’t avoid catching Republican gubernatorial candidate Steve Poizner’s ubiquitous new campaign ad. You know the one: Steve is single-handedly keeping a car from going over a cliff. The car, I think, is California, and the cliff, I think, is financial ruin. What you don’t see is who’s driving the car, but the voice-over tells the story:

Of course, an illegal immigrant is driving the California car over the cliff of financial ruin and only Steve Poizner, the Buford Pusser  of Insurance Commissioners,  is there to stop it. Thank God, because Meg Whitman, Poizner’s opponent in the primaries, is just another Muslim-commie like Barack Hussein Obama, as this ad graphically explains:

Talk about feeling out of the loop! Hell, I thought the 12% unemployment rate, the collapse of Wall Street and it’s trillion dollar bail-out, the demise of the auto industry, an endless war in the Middle East, and a 30% nose dive in the real estate market were the factors that took Cali to the brink of economic meltdown, when all along it was the illegal immigrant, California’s perpetual political bogey man. Shit fire! Of late, I thought the little brown-skinned bastards were guilty of nothing more than shattering the early morning silence with their damnable leaf-blowers and driving their un-waxed and un-sightly Plymouth Neon’s through out toney suburbs, but once again I am forced to confront the reality that the the hermanos are the source of all that is calamitous and evil in our society. I should have known better, since the only Republican candidate in history even dweebier than Poizner, Pete Wilson, reminded me of the same horrors over 20 years ago:

These illegals probably do cost the state a bunch of doe, but who knows? There are a lot of conflicting studies, some of which (horrors!) even suggest that amnesty would at least turn a cash-under-the-table economy into a tax windfall  (see Marijuana, legalization).

In any event, any numbers crunching is beside the point. It’s just comforting to know that I can sleep through 3 or 4 election cycles and get up to speed with a couple of campaign ads on tv. The guy or gal who cleans the slop off your table at your favorite restaurant has been, is, and always will be the source of all that is evil in California. At least according to Republicans.

3 thoughts on “The Last Refuge of the Scoundrel”

  1. I seem to remember the origins of California’s economic problems coming from the results of a concocted ‘energy crisis’ which dove up the prices of everything, and drove companies out business?… and the SOURCE of the phony energy crisis? uuhhh, Texas oil and energy! Know anyone in office at the time CONNECTED TO TEXAS OIL AND ENERGY INDUSTRY?
    *( hint… GWB)

  2. My wife and I are so sick of the two GOP candidates’ commercial already that we mute them as fast as we can (they’re really prevalent during “Jeopardy” for some reason). Interesting that the Dem’s don’t have any commercials going–is that because they don’t have any money or because they’ve already surrendered to Jerry Brown being their nominee??

  3. The issue of illegal aliens is one that is very personal to me. My mother who has severe dementia lives in my home. Over the past few years I have hired and fired countless numbers of people to help with her care. My mom has had Black, White, Asian, Russian, etc, etc caregivers and not one of them is still with us. She currently has 6 caregivers and all of them are (you guessed it) Mexican. One of them has been with us for years. They are kind and caring, show up on time and don’t steal. I don’t care if they come from Mars. They take amazing care of my mother and I appreciate every one of them. I have never seen the above commercials until today. Not because I don’t watch TV, I watch plenty, but because I have a DVR that allows me to scroll through all the junk. I made the decision a few years ago not to watch commercials ever again. The video clips above confirm my decision was a good one.