Over Stimulated


***Breaking NEWS***Breaking NEWS: House Dems rejects tax cut deal: http://thehill.com/homenews/house/132885-house-dems-vote-to-reject-tax-cut-deal

Here, from a recent Shawn Hannity program, is all the confirmation libs need to see red over the tax-cuts-for-the-fithy-rich deal:

HANNITY: All right. Amidst all the controversy on Capitol Hill surrounding the extension of the Bush tax cuts, one thing is crystal clear. This deal marks a major defeat for the anointed one who let political gamesmanship get the best of him.

Well, now he’s backtracking on one of his central campaign promises. But apparently that’s not how he sees it.

Yup. As I mentioned on my Dec. 8th webcast, Senator John Cornyn (R. Pricksville) couldn’t wait to kick the prez on his way down. It was the GOP’s gains in the midterm election, not some ideological shift, that caused Obama’s flip-flop:

“President Obama’s decision yesterday to join with Republicans in opposing the largest tax increase in American history was made not because he had a sudden change in political or economic philosophy.”

And why, exactly, are progs and libs especially pissed off over this deal? According to the Washington Post’s Ezra Klein , $133 billion is being spent to give the tax breaks to only 4.8 million of the nation’s wealthiest families, while $214 billion is being spent on tax cuts for the other 150 million middle class families. You do the math. And, of course, the s0-called 99 weekers, the long term unemployed, got squat from this deal.

But here’s the good news: not since Obama’s run for the White House, has the Democratic Party based been so aroused, so over stimulated you might even say. It’s not just the poor and dispossesed that are turning on the President; it’s also main stream Dem pols like Sherrod Brown and Harry Reid, and MSM commentators like Ed Schultz and Keith Olbermann. This is the most testosterone the liberal establishment has shown since they kicked Robert Bork to the curb 25 years ago.

Too bad the President isn’t on board. At least yet.


9 thoughts on “Over Stimulated”

  1. Cornyn referred to it as being the largest increase in taxes in US history? How is this possible? It’s not even an increase. It’s a return to pre-Bush fuck up numbers. A measely 6 percent more for the highest earners. Goddamnit these people are unbelievable. How is it that voters do not see who the republicans are working for? No, they get snowed by their talkers into believing that this is actually the right thing to do. If someone wants to think about it…think about Kuwait, with the highest per capita amount of millionaires. It’s like that because someone decided it was best to share the country’s wealth and not horde it for themselves. Sure, they go through Mercedes Benzes like nobody’s business because they can’t find people in the country who want to work on cars, but hey that happiness index has gotta be high

  2. couldn’t sleep last night and at 3:00 am turned the tube on only to find a repeat of J. Leno show and guest, Mitt Romney, My gag reflexes immediatly went into high gear. First question asked, running? and if not, would you ever consider signing on to a Fox gig? From that point on the whole interview jumped the track and over of a cliff. Thought I was watching ” FOX (news)? What a fucking Tool!

  3. Bloomberg is looking at his potential competition for the GOP nomination and rubbing his hands together with glee. Palin, Newt, Huckabee, Romney, Jindahl? Holy christ-on-a-crutch…

  4. Ethanol, Gays, and Russia??????????? Why not
    Afghanistan, Foreclosures and Job Creation!!!!!!!! Give me a BREAK!!!!!!! Moving to Belize… See ya

  5. I thought you’re guest said Obama is the Mac Daddy

    Can be defined as the father/god/master of owning bitches. A Mac daddy is such a person as using woman as his slaves.He uses money drugs and fear to control his bitches. And uses charm, wit and a large amount of cash to keep his hoes hooked to his muthafucking nature.