Send in the Frowns

Sarah Palin has pizza with Donald Trump. The savior of the Republican Party, some guy named John Huntsman, has secured one vote in Iowa. Mitt Romney sends a navy blazer and a pair of cordovans to a farm in New Hampshire to announce  his candidacy. Fat-assed “tough guy” Chris Christie of New Jersey takes a helicopter  to a high school baseball game. A photo of a congressman’s crotch appears on the nightly news. And the election is still 17 months away?

5 thoughts on “Send in the Frowns”

  1. The most reasonable and moderate Republican has the support of ONE Iowa GOPer polled. The crazies have stolen their party.

  2. What a coup d’état that we lived through never would have happened with out the integration of fundamental Christianity into our political system.

    The tea party ass holes the less taxes fucks, yea those ass holes were the fuck are they when the politicians allowed the builders to get away with not building enough fire stations during the last real estate boom. Every insurance company knows that just in San Diego city they are short 23 fire stations, which makes your fire insurance go up a few $100.00 a year.

  3. FOX and the GOP is now just an extension of the WWE.

    Murdoch has studied the American Psyche and has programed us well

    Classy Freddy Blassy Lives!

    Stay tuned the Aliens will land from Mars soon and then the real Rupert Murdoch {the Emperor from Star Wars] will expose his true agenda.

    Soilent Green

    By the way is Charles Krauthammer the real Dr Strangelove?

    I think Greta Van Sustrand is actually Waylon Flowers from Madam Fame. By the way where is her red dress and crossed legs??? HMMM? Whats up with that Roger Ailes you little fat drunken pervert?

  4. Stacy,

    You mentioned on your Saturday show how people dress badly on airplanes. I think that is more because you have to strip down to get through the screening and if you do over dress you get the dirtly looks and comments when you hold up the line.