Excuse me, Sarge, Are You Gay?

The Senate voted  Saturday to end the Clinton-era military policy known as “don’t-ask-don’t-tell”. Doesn’t seem that long ago, does it, when ol’ Bubba introduced  his quaint little wishy-washy idea in the first  month of his presidency, managing to enrage the rednecks while still disappointing gays. The policy simply meant that the military could no longer ask potential recruits  their sexual orientation. But to be fair, Clinton at least attempted to end the military discrimination against gay soldiers, as half-assed as his reform turned out to be. Keep in mind, a lot of mainstream Dems, like Sam Nunn, chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, were dead set against the policy. One major problem with D.A.D.T. was that took an act of congress to repeal the policy, which, at least technically,  explains Barrack Obama’s refusal to eliminate it in the first 2 years of his presidency. What explain his decision to force the Justice Department earlier this year to vigorously fight its repeal is anybody’s guess.

In Saturday’s vote, the usual suspects in the Republican Party , led by shit-for-brains John McCain, fought against the law’s repeal. McCain referred to the the vote as  “a very sad day” for America, reinforcing his support amongst bigots and the sexually conflicted. Come on, Maverick, even Dick Cheney supported the law’s repeal, for christ’s sake. And there was also the usual outcry by bible-thumpers and jesus freaks about the imposition of a “radical social agenda” in the Armed Services. But at the end of the sad day, the policy was officially voted down. Too bad it took 16 years, a long time to stay in the closet for gay soldiers and sailors.