The Pity Party


Lisa Murkowsky and Susan Collins will vote to confirm Kavanaugh.
Manchin, Heitkamp, and Donnelly are likely to vote to confirm as well. In my opinion, it won’t even be close.
It’s nice to see Harris, Booker, Schumer being all angry today and promising to block the nomination, but it won’t happen.
This battle was lost in November of 2016 when Dem’s anointed a deeply flawed presidential candidate, thinking Trump was a joke who could never win.
The joke is now on us.
I’m not exactly sure what the Democrat’s strategy is now. It apparently is politically important to appear to be putting up a good fight, even though we and they know they’ll lose in the end.
Have the refugee children been reunited with their parents yet?
Has ICE been abolished yet?
Has Trump been impeached yet?
Have we saved Dodd-Frank yet?
Have we rolled back the billionaire tax cuts yet?
Has any Democrat besides Paul Krugman pushed back against Trump’s asinine trade policies?
Have the Democrats come up with an energizing, emotionally resonant message yet, other than Not-Trump?

Remember, we now have a president who is on-the-record opposed to breast-feeding.
Democrats now have 194 House seats out of 435.
Democrats now have 46 Senate seats out of 100.
Democrats have 14 governorships out of 50.
Democrats have 20 state attorneys general out of 50.
There have been a few accomplishments, notably defeating a Klansman/ pedophile in the Alabama special election, introducing a fresh congressional candidate in NY’s Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and retaking the governorship of New Jersey
( thanks largely to the dismal unpopularity of Chris Christie).
Oh, and Chuck Schumer has put Maxine Waters in her place for her lack of “civility”, when she’s one of the few who is showing a pulse.
Reality check time, Dems. You’re rapidly becoming irrelevant.
Than maybe a little “tough love” before this Trump cluster-fuck gets totally out of control?
Denial…anger…bargaining…depression…acceptance is not an effective political strategy.