4 thoughts on “December 13 Webcast: Capitulation!”

  1. The “MEDIA” keeps telling us that running a primary challenger against Obama is useless and would harm the party. I think the more we progressives buy into that meme, the more harm we are doing to the “party”

    The reason, that Obama feels he can treat us like shit, is because he feels we have no where else to go in 2012. Aside from not voting at all (worse) I think the only alternative is to run a primary challenger.

    BTW can you imagine how FOX would treat any Democrat who cried on 60 minutes!!! You would see it run over and over again (think Howard Deans scream)

  2. my first thought was limp wimpy impotent crying behind someones skirt on boner, can you imagine if nancy p cried like that what a double standard