The Gloves are off. Maybe.

I watched the debate a week ago, saw Senator Harris’ well scripted, rehearsed, and pre-meditated attack on Biden, then decided to stay away from politics for a few days because the so-called narrative was getting stale.
When I turned the TV back on, I wasn’t surprised to see Harris’ “surge” in the polls, and Biden’s slump. Many voters are lemmings who just don’t do a lot of critical thinking.
So what am I missing here?
Biden looked down toward the podium and blinked during Harris’ denunciation, so therefore he was perceived as “weak”.
Harris heard or read the words “Jim Eastland” and “Herman Talmadge”, and was hurt, wounded, and brought to tears, so therefore she was perceived to be “strong”.

Harris is apparently a big supporter of school busing. Apparently being taught amongst white kids and white teachers is what put her where she is today. I wonder if she’ll run on a pro-bussing ticket, given how wildly unpopular the practice was, both among whites and minorities. That’s largely because most minority communities knew that improving their neighborhood schools was the way to achieve equality, not shipping their kids to a school in the suburbs.
Biden’s response was certainly not his finest moment, I agree. He did wither under Harris’ rueful stare. He suffered, she gained.
So the gloves are off. I hope one of the other candidates has the guts to stare down Harris.
I would start with her sorry-ass obstinance toward criminal justice reform while San Francisco D.A. and California Attorney General. It’s well chronicled. If you’d like to disassociate yourself from the flavor-of-the-week club and try a little critical thinking, I’d start there.

Kamala Harris Says She Was a Progressive Prosecutor. Her Record Says Otherwise.