What Fresh Hell is This?

Anyone happen to catch this news blurb today, buried in the back of the newspaper? If not, here’s the gist of it: newly minted Defense Secretary Leon Panetta is belly-aching about any possible defense cuts that might come from that bullshit “Super Congress Committee”.

“When you look at national security, I think you have to look at the broader context. It’s not just dependent on the defense budget. It is also dependent on the quality of life in this country.”

Wtf? I honestly have no idea what that means or why it’s relevant to potential defense budget cuts, but it’s clear that this administration is talking out of both sides of its mouth. In case you missed the details, the 8 (4 Repugs and 4 Dims) member “super congress” will attempt to reach a compromise as to where to trim another $trillion or so from the fed budget. If they can’t agree, and they won’t (this thing was set up to fail), then $500 billion will automatically be cut from defense. Panetta actually refers to this as the “doomsday mechanism”. Keep in mind, this is $500 billion over ten years, not next year. To put that number in perspective, our ill-conceived wars in the middle east have cost $3.7 trillion over the past decade. So in other words, if the U.S. were to continue its war mongering for another decade, and the defense cuts were automatically triggered, we’d have to do it on a mere $3.2 trillion.

I’ve long suspected that, for whatever reason, the President Obama is just as gung-ho on national security as that douchbag Bush, just without all the strutting  bravado. His perpetuation of Bush’s policies and priorities has been sickening. Gitmo is still open, we still practise “rendition” to more easily torture our captives, and drones are still dropping bombs on Afghan wedding parties. Same ol’ same old. What’s new is that Obama managed to recklessly open up a new front in the “war on terror”, Libya. There’s been some muttering from the left about this trend, but it hasn’t amounted to much. Case in point is the left’s selective myopia concerning David Petraeus, Obama’s selection to head the CIA. Under Bush, Patraeus was a war-mongering scourge, a pariah. Under Obama midas touch, he’s a hero and a statesman.

At the end of the proverbial day,  Panetta and the Joint Chiefs will get their way. The Administration, now allied with the chicken hawks on the right, will insure that the great sacred cow “national security” will continue to suck up our national treasure and the middle class will continue to suck hind tit.

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