Witch Hunt

Yesterday we watched the real witch hunt play out in the House of Representatives, led by Tea Party pinhead Trey Gowdy, and abetted by his two goons, Louis Gohmert and Bob Goodlatte.
It was, of course, a last ditch attempt to once again smear the Special Prosecution of the Trump administration by attacking the political bias of Peter Strozok, an agent who was removed from the case over a year ago.
But it was really just a show trial, a chance for Trump bootlickers in Congress to go on TV and to huff and puff and hold their collective breath until they turned red, and then try to outdo one another with phony bravado and indignation.

The inquisitors had obviously worked out in advance the tactic of concluding their questioning with a long-winded, accusatory statement, then not allowing Strozok to respond.
The same three of four questions were asked over and over for 9 hours all in a desperate quest for a big “gotcha” moment that never came. Strozok bravely fought back against the nerd assault, for which he was then castigated for being uncooperative.
The lowest of the low points came when the chrome-domed eunuch Louis Gohmert attacked Strozok’s integrity by wondering how many times he lied to his wife about the affair he was having.
And all of this in defense of our pussy-grabbing whore monger president!
So much irony! And all of it wasted on Trump’s thick-headed base.
Meanwhile this morning, back in the real world, Mueller’s team handed down 12 indictments of Russian spies accused of hacking the 2016 election.
And somewhere else today, Donald Trump is being genitally fluffed for his upcoming private money shot with Vlad Putin. We certainly don’t need a congressional hearing to know which of those two is the dominant partner.